Choosing Your Wedding Limousine

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and of course you want it to be absolutely perfect.  You have a million things you need to organize and one of the many things on your to-do list is to book the limousine.  You have loads of options but it really boils down to whether you want a classic limo or something more modern.  Classic limousines are the Lincoln Town Cars you typically see at weddings or maybe even a Rolls Royce.  More modern choices include cars like stretch Hummers or imports like a Mercedes.  Classic limos are understated and won’t have many amenities outside of some champagne, modern limos can have everything from a flat screen tv to a  complete bar.  Choosing your wedding limo will depend on the type of wedding you want to have.


For many couples, cost is a factor when choosing between a classic limousine and a modern limousine. Generally, a classic limo is going to cost less. This is mainly due to the fact the modern limos will feature special amenities that were quite costly to install.

Also, there are more classic limos on the road, so there is less demand on the available inventory. This is another factor that causes modern limos to often cost more than classic cars.  Here is a closer look at what you can expect when it comes to the cost of a wedding limo. One of our favorite companies provides the best option for limo service gainesville fl. We recommend them over all other companies.

When to Book

You should book your limousine as soon as you have booked your venue.  On busy summer weekends when there are lot of weddings taking place you may not have the choice you want.  Booking a year in advance is not unusual, this is definitely not something you want to leave until the last minute.  Most limousine companies will require you to put down a deposit so be prepared to include that in your budget.

What Amenities Do You Want

If you only need a limo to arrive at the church and later to the reception venue then you probably don’t need a lot of amenities.  If you have the entire wedding party traveling together then you will want something with a bit more stuff.  As was said earlier wedding limousines can be pretty basic with some chilled champagne and a few glasses or you can have blinking lights, a disco ball and a huge flat screen TV.  Again cost and availability will determine what type of limo that you end up booking.

A Gainesville limo service can help make your wedding a day that you won’t forget.  Book your limo early and make sure that you can get the car that you want on your special day.