Tips for Renting a Stretch Limo

Tips for Renting a Stretch Limo

It’s fair to say that you don’t rent a stretch limo every day, it is a whole lot different than calling a cab.  Stretch limos are for really special occasions like weddings, stag parties or graduations, these are once in a lifetime occasions.  It stands to reason that you want to get the best bang for your buck and have a great experience that you will remember for years.  Since hiring a limo is new to you then here are some tips for hiring a stretch limo that will help make the whole process go smoothly.

Book Early

If you want a stretch limo for a corporate event on a Tuesday in February, you probably won’t have any problem booking one.  But, if you are looking to book a stretch for your teenager to go to the prom that is another matter entirely.  There are some times when limo companies are extremely busy and you will want to book your reservation early or you run the risk of going to the prom in a Toyota Camry.  Graduation season is one busy time and so is the long weekends in May and September, they are both popular wedding dates.  If you want a limo for those dates then book a year in advance.

Understanding Pricing

When you start shopping around trying to book a Gainesville limo service you’re going to notice some pretty big price variations.  There are several factors that go into pricing, such as the type of car you want, how long you want it for, and of course when you are booking.  As was said earlier there are some pretty busy days and the price will be higher.  If you want a stretch Lincoln it will cost less than a stretch Hummer or Rolls Royce.  Determine the type of car you want first and then call around looking for prices.

Check Reviews

Unless you live in a pretty rural area you’re going to have choices as to which limo company you choose.  Some limo companies have first-rate cars and offer absolutely amazing service.  Others…not so much.  The last thing you want is to have your special day ruined because your limo company cancelled at the last minute or didn’t show up at all.  You can minimize the risk of this happening by checking out the reviews of any company you are thinking of hiring.  In fact, this is one of the first things you should be doing when looking at any business.  You want to see what kind of experience that other customers had and if the company has a good reputation.

Limos aren’t just for the wealthy, in fact if you shop around you may find them to be less expensive than you thought.  Just remember to follow these tips and then sit back and enjoy the occasion.